Testsystems for all components

From compact tabletop devices to complete industrial solutions – we guarantee a consistent concept in all expansion stages and areas of application with its modular design, scalability and the use of standard components.

Our test systems are characterized by very high work efficiency, simple operation with input support, integrated visualization and a graphical development environment as well as an open and expandable interface concept. This means that you can get your precise test results quickly and easily. All systems can be equipped with components suitable for climate chambers.

With our high-quality test facilities for development, testing, production and quality assurance, we help you to ensure the quality of your products and the satisfaction of your customers in the long term.

precise| reliable | efficient

Modular testsystems for individual solutions

The concept of modular test systems is achieved by modularizing the test bench control, the test bench hardware and the safety technology. By including standard components in the right places, we achieve a high level of reuse, an optimal cost structure and high quality. On the basis of our modular concept, we also develop needs-based special solutions for you, which are individually tailored to your requirements.


modular | flexibel | economical

The central station (cs) as the central control system for all test bench modules is the heart of the modular concept. By adding different modules, an individual test system is created that can be reconfigured again and again.

The cs is equipped as standard with a lockable main switch, a service box (USB, network and 240 V socket), an emergency stop button and an operating mode switch. Operation and display is done via keyboard, mouse and two 24″ monitors.

The test stand hardware is divided into three categories. Category 1 and 2 hardware is connected directly to a connection plate on the central station. Category 3 hardware is indirectly connected via a control cabinet. The control cabinets of the individual category 3 modules are supplied with power from the cs. Category 3+ modules with a high power consumption are an exception and have their own feed-in.


  • simple configuration and good traceability of the function
  • simple connector concept and low cabling effort
  • height-adjustable, flexibly positionable workstation
  • can be combined as required and can be easily retrofitted
  • zero Config, zero programming
  • ACTERE software
  • self diagnosis

Testsystems for doors and flaps

The precise test benches for doors, sliding doors, cargo doors, bonnets or tailgates can be individually adjusted. They offer the possibility of simulating opening and closing fully automatically by robots from inside and outside.

All test benches work with the intelligent software ACTERE.

Testsystems for E-mobility

The testsystems for e-mobility offer intelligent real-time measurement and PIL with Simulink Real-Time.

They work with the intelligent software ACTERE.

Testsystems for drives

These flexible systems can be used to test drives and servo motors of all kinds. The mduta modular is suitable, for example, for testing window regulator motors as well as for simulating a complete vehicle. The results of the measurements are clearly provided by the intelligent software ACTERE.

Programming and control

ACTERE is a comprehensive software for all inspection, testing and measurement tasks. It combines programming and full functionality with user-friendly visualization and user interface.

With the help of VTS, MRH and 6D-Mouse, the control of our robots becomes extremely intuitive, user-friendly and economical.

virtual twin system

mixed reality headset