linear move object tester

lmot is a linear test and measurement component that can be used for different applications.


Custormers: Ford Turkey and many more
Devices under Test: Hoods, Backdoors, Sliding doors

  • as front, back door (with additional adapters) and sliding door tester applicable
  • hood
  • sliding door inside and outside (manual/automatic)
  • back door (manual/automatic)
  • easy assembling
  • highly accurate test results
  • developed for use in the climatic chamber
  • ACTERE Software
  • self-diagnostic

Function and construction

It can be used to test the dynamic opening and closing of sliding doors, the front lid or the tailgate with measurement data recording and monitoring. The lMot is easy to setup and to adjust, very robust and it provides very accurate results. The tst system is designed to test sliding doors from inside and outside. It is also possible to test manual and automatic driven doors and lids. Via the ACTERE Software, it is possible to connect different lMOT to each other and with other KARING test systems.


sliding door

back door

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