… is the software for all test applications that offers you full flexibility without programming knowledge. The program enables independent use and positioning of the elements (multiscreen). Furthermore it is individually adaptable and suitable for HiL, PiL, XiL, SiL.



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All in one!

ACTERE software is a complete package for test bench control in the  automotive sector and many other industries. It allows a graphical programming of complex and parallel sequences. Parallel sequences
can run concurrently or alternatively. As a script language, ACTERE uses Groovy based on Java. It offers open and comprehensive interfaces to automotive and automation technology for communication and I / Os. ACTERE allows you to carry out measurements, documentation, assessment and analysis online (all actions take place during and simultaneously to the measurement.).
ACTERE is a software package for controlling our actuators (uact, mact, hil-act, servo motors, robot…) including various pre-defined function modules with
intelligent data storage. Furthermore, this innovative software supports MDF.4 files. It provides you with flexible access control through individual rights allocation to individual users and user groups.


Structure of the Software

The ACTERE manages the test tasks in individual projects that can be executed in parallel.

The project is the central entry point for configuration, user interface and programming.

A project consists of:

– Project specific hardware description including the associated calibration information

– Actions and conditions based on scripts with direct access to the hardware information / data

– Sequences composed of actions and conditions that define sequential and parallel checking procedures

– Surfaces, which are specially designed interfaces for monitoring the system status (monitoring) and controlling the test sequences

Virtual Twin System

The Virtual Twin System (VTS) from KARING GmbH can be used in a variety of ways to set up, control and optimize motion sequences in the productive system of robots and actuators. Especially in applications where access to the system is severely restricted, e.g. by a climate chamber.
In connection with the ACTERE software, the operator can, for example, use the PC mouse to virtually set up and save various test points; the same process can be carried out using VR hardware, with possible collisions being visualized to the operator on the screen using different colours. The corresponding coordinates are also displayed on the screen..

  • Free movement in virtual space
  • Set up, control and optimize
  • Teaching with VR glasses
  • Import of the DUT as a 3D model
  • Virtual Commissioning
  • Cycle time study
  • Training on the virtual system
  • Service applications
  • ACTERE software

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With ACTERE you can access an extensive portfolio of interfaces:

Test management systems
Automotive bus systems:
CAN, CANoe, OEM spezifisch (e.g. ODIS, XIL)
Automation bus systems:
Control systems:
S7, WinAC, FUP
IO systems:
ET200S, IOC, DuT-A Modular, Spider8,
CTS, Wago, Epos, FUP, Yokogawa

Other systems:
RFID reader/writer devices
printers, scanners
file and database systems and
visualisation boards
intern communication
µAct, mini-Act
Node Red

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