mduta modular

mduta modular

is based on a basic unit which can be equipped with up to six measuring and simulation modules as well as with up to four power modules. Thus, the system can be easily supplemented with special modules. The modules are mechanically and electrically separated from each other. That is important, because they can be easily renewed and replaced. The self-diagnosis can accurately detect and assign errors.



Customers: Brose,…
Test specimen: Vehicle door modules, complete doors,…
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Up to six measuring and / or simulation modules:
digital I/O module; counter module; analog IN strain gauge module; analog IN Thermo module; analog IN  ± 25V module; key SIM module with 6 channels (configurable as digital output or resistance simulation)

A combination of up to four power modules:
Power module;  Power relay module


The Power relay module can be assembled with up to seven individual modules (up to 6 relay extension modules are connected to one relay basic module). One extension module has one change-over contact.

With the mduta modular small test specimens such as window lifter motors can be tested as well as several doors of a vehicle.

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