uact / mact

uact / mact

A compact combination of a complete drive in a robust housing, a flexible mechanical interface/connection, control electronics, bus interface and a very convenient hub for sensors.


Customers: Audi, Ford, Opel,…
Test specimens: Doors, flaps , ….

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  • onboard-processor for intelligent operation
  • torque control
  • I/O-add-on (24V) / respectively 2 analog inputs (0-10V)
  • multifunctional strain gauge input
  • 2 digital inputs
  • climate chamber applicable
  • ACTERE Software
  • self diagnostic

The uact3/mact3 is a compact and intelligent complete drive for a wide range of possible applications. Typical areas of application of the uact3 are the operation of door handles, sun visors and unlocking. Typical areas of application of the mact3 are the simulation and testing of small electrical drives (e.g. actuators for fl aps). Various tools such as coils, levers, gears or threaded spindles can be attached to the flexible mechanical interface.
The integrated processor together with our ACTERE software enables the execution of movement sequences. The uact3/mact3 can be operated intuitively and graphically programmed using the ACTERE software.

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