Test bench for electric high-speed drive

Test bench for testing electric high-speed drives (EHA) for vehicles and for water/wind generators.


Customers: Technische Hochschule Nürnberg, Georg Simon Ohm
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  • ACTERE software management
  • 200 (350) kW at 30.000 rpm
  • 40 kW at 40.000 rpm
  • Battery simulation 1.200 V

The EHA consists of a solid machine bed including protective housing and cooling water management, a control cabinet including ACTERE software, a battery simulation (1.200V) and HMI.
Using two directly coupled load machines without gears, different performance profiles max. 200kW (350 overload) at 30.000rpm or 40kW at 40.000rpm and torque profiles (max. 200Nm (350 overload) at 7.100rpm (8.700).The test bench has an active mains feed, is mounted with low-vibration damping elements with vibration monitoring and can accommodate DUT up to a diameter of 600mm. The two cooling water circuits (converter and DUT) as well as the load machine are controlled by the automation via the cooling water conditioning.The real-time report function consists of current and voltage measurement channels (20), temperature measurement channels (6), analogue channels (3) and a torque/angle of rotation channel.

The complete control, automation and safety monitoring of the EHA is carried out via the ACTERE including a graphic sequencer. It is possible to define in the ACTERE individual automated test sequences, e.g. manual load point, specification (speed or torque), S1-S5 characteristic curve, speed-torque map, freely parameterize cycle (similar WLTP cycle) and import prepared set point specifications for the DUT via e.g. Ethernet or CAN bus.
The EHA is equipped with a large number of interfaces (e.g. MATLAB Simulink) for connecting external devices/software.