Window Lifter Test System

Our window lifter test system is a HiL (hardware in the loop) system, and is suitable for use in the climatic chamber.
The test bench is extremely flexibly adaptable in the program sequence thanks to the graphically programmable test sequencer, and allows data recording of all measured variables.


Customers: eg  Brose, Shanghai Volkswagen,and many more.
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In our window lifter tester, the product range extends from the “simple” component test system to the complex HiL test bench. In a HiL (hardware in the loop) test stand, the behavior of the hardware / window regulator mechanics is stored in the test control and then enables the automated testing of various parameters with a servomotor and the simulation of the momentary behavior of the window regulator motor.
The window lifter test systems can also be part of the iCDT and 4-door endurance test.

Test systems:

  • for testing the life expectancy of door modules and window lifter components
  • for testing door modules with their components on an existent vehicle door
  • for testing door modules with their components on a mounting plate.
  • friction- and weight force of the side window are simulated by a hysteresis brake or a servomotor.

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