Small motor test bench

Small motor test bench

It is used for testing one or several small motors (rotating drives from the interior or exterior of a vehicle) and for recording the required measuring data.


Customers: e.g. Audi
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  • Hardware in the loop test (HiL)
  • Simulation of activities, load conditions
    and resistance
  • Vehicle component test without vehicle
  • Climate chamber applicable
  • ACTERE Software
  • M2M communication
  • Self diagnostic

The small motor test bench includes a control unit for power distribution, safety circuitry and visualization of the system status. The test cell and the control unit are separated and connected with plug connections. The interfaces and connector types can of course be individually adapted to your needs.

The test stand allows you to interrupt the test at any time in order to view and document the condition of the DUT. A CAN/lin control, CAN database K-MATRIX and/or lin-Matrix can be imported. The remaining bus simulation simulates missing signals for error-free communication of the test object.
The test stand servo motor can be used as a load unit for the DUT. In this way, torque curves that were previously recorded on a real system can be used as a specification for the load.

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