SirkuFlex combines proven robotics with individualized software in order to simulate all real-world conditions in the climatic chamber. The robot system documents in real time and reliably checks the quality of components and vehicle systems under a wide range of conditions. The SirkuFlex test unit consists of a flexible robot system and the graphically programmable software ACTERE. Individual parameterization of the test system allows unambiguous measurement, assessment and analysis in real time and leads to a 360 ° quality assessment.


Customers: BMW, BMW Brilliance, Brose,  Edag Testing Solutions, Panasonic
Devices under Test: Doors, Hoods, Touch Displays, Seats,…
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  • multi function robot

  • reach and safe high quality standard

  • fast set up time – saving costs

  • climate chamber applicable

  • ACTERE software

  • self diagnostic

  • Virtual Twin System (VTS)

Capabilities of SirkuFlex

Touch Displays


Seat test


Doors, rear and front hoods



like glovebox, central console, constructional parts

Accessories for SirkuFlex

Safety fence


Robot heating






6DSens load cell

The “6DSens” load cell is climate chamber suitable and measures forces and torques in three axes. It is fixed to the wrist of the robot arm.

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