Park Test System

This system is able to test autonomous vehicles.

The park test system

is a stress test of the steering system for autonomous parking. The possibilities include measurement data storage and visualization, limit monitoring and much more.


Customers: Volkswagen
Devices under Test:
steering systems for autonomous parking.
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This test bench simulates the load on electromechanical or manual steering systems in parking situations. The various components of the steering systems are tested using several servomotors. In the upper part of the test bench, a motor simulates the driver who executes the steering movement. The electrical parameters of the power steering and the mechanical stresses on the steering column are measured. Two linear actuators transmit the loads to the tie rods.

The test bench is designed for endurance test and can run through the test cycle fully automatically. During the test, the measured data  are stored and can be evaluated later. The ACTERE software offers various possibilities of visualization for the user.

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