Motor Test Bench

The motor test bench

is a Hardware in the Loop (HiL) test system that gives you the ability to test components without a vehicle.
It is able to simulate process, force condition and resistance.

The test system can be coupled to a real vehicle door to take over the function of the window motor with the aid of a servomotor.

In addition, readings such as required torque and travel can be recorded for analysis. Alternatively, one can only couple the window regulator motor alone to the test stand, so that the servomotor can be used as a load unit for the test object. Torque events that were previously recorded on a real system can be used as the default for the load.
The servo motor is flanged directly to the gearbox and the torque measuring shaft is connected to the gearbox via a polymer coupling. An adapter is used to adapt the measuring shaft to either a vehicle door or a window regulator motor.

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