The HiL-Act is a compact and intelligent drive for a wide range of applications. With the powerful, small DC brushless servomotor and the integrated torque measuring shaft, it can be used as a load machine for hardware-in-the-loop tests.

The task of the HiL-Act is to simulate the stresses to which the test specimen will be exposed under real conditions. These include not only mechanical, but also climatic stresses, since the HiL-Act is suitable for climatic chambers in a temperature range of -40 °C to +85 °C.

 The connecting sockets for an additional strain gauge sensor as well as two digital or analog sensors (e.g. proximity switches or displacement sensors) are convenient, since they minimize the cabling effort from the test specimen to the control PC.

The HiL-Act shows its particular strength in combination with our DuT-Adapter modular.

The motor-to-be-tested is supplied with power via the DuT-Adapter modular. In addition, it offers a wide range of measuring modules for endurance tests. Since the DuT-Adapter modular is also suitable for climatic chambers it can be placed close to the test specimen, which further reduces the cabling effort.

 Both device are controlled with our ACTERE – Software, with the user interfaces being compiled according to the specifications of the test stand and the customer requirements.

The test sequence can be graphically programmed without programming knowledge.

It is possible to integrate the HiL-Act into existing projects.

 The HiL-Act can be coupled directly to the output shaft of the motor-to-be-tested via a metal bellows coupling.

Various tools such as cable pulleys, levers, gearwheels or threaded spindles can also be attached to the flexible mechanical interface.

The actuator has a metal gear box, is built into a robust housing and can be installed flexibly. It is vibration- and moisture- resistant, which is particularly important during dynamic component tests in a climatic chamber.

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