Adjustment Characteristics Test Bench

This system is able to test autonomous vehicles.

The adjustment characteristics test system

is a test system for the electric adjustment of the steering column. The test stand is very handy due to its compact design and can be moved by one person.


Customers: Daimler
Devices under Test: steering columns
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The test bench controls the movement of the steering column when the electronic adjustment is used and, at the same time, records important characteristics of the test object.

The casing pipe of the steering column is mounted in the vehicle installation position and moved by its two drive motors (length and height adjustment). Two opto-electronic sensors determine the path of the steering column.

The test can be carried out either in automatic mode or manually via a joystick on the control panel.

During the test, the software records the characteristic parameters such as current, current ripple, voltage, path, hall pulses and speed. Thus, after the test an accurate evaluation is possible. An automatically generated test report in pdf format summarizes the results graphically.

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