2D-Flap test system


The 2D flap tester

is a test system for opening and closing hoods, flaps and sliding doors.
With this test system free 2-dimensional space curves can be taught and programmed. This has the advantage that the test system adapts individually to each flap mechanism.

  • movement of hoods, sliding doors and backdoors
  • drive kinematics in at least two axes
  • suitable for use in the climatic chamber
  • ACTERE software
  • self-diagnosis

Due to the design, the 2D flap tester can be installed particularly compact. The test system is installed inside the vehicle. To simulate the movement of the hood as closely as possible, it is firmly connected to the drive of the testing machine. The 2-axis drive kinematics, with two mechanically coupled servomotors as drive, allow the opening and closing movement to be actively configured in two dimensions.
Self-diagnosis detects wear or breakage via the torques and position of the drive motors. The forces and moments that occur are determined via sensors, and the position of the hood is determined by means of angle and displacement sensors.

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