iCDT 270° Cargo

iCDT  270° Cargo

is suitable for testing “cargo” doors, as they are typically installed in vans or minibuses. This test system is easy to assemble, provides accurate test results and its features are easy to set and vary.


Customers: eg Daimler
Devices under Test:
Doors with a range of movement of up to 260 °
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Use of proven technology

The door operation of this test system is carried out by our proven and intelligent actuators.
Being able to program these individually allows them to precisely control the opening times of the doors.

6Due to the special design, the iCDT 270 ° Cargo is able to open doors with a range of movement of up to 270 °.
Here, both a testing of only one door, as well as the parallel testing of two doors is possible.

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